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Operation Delta Force is a telefilm and direct-to-video film series comprising 5 entries.


Film series[edit]

All five films credit Danny Lerner as a writer and producer. David Sparling was involved in the writing of all but the final installment. Yossi Wein was the cinematographer for the first film, and he was the director of the second and fifth films. The actors starring in the film were Ernie Hudson, Jeff Fahey, Frank Zagarino, Todd Jensen, Joe Lara and Hal Holbrook.

Operation Delta Force 1[edit]

Focusing on the activities of an elite group of US soldiers (Delta Force), the film titles apparently attempt to capitalize on the earlier Chuck Norris films The Delta Force and its sequels Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection and Delta Force 3: The Killing Game.

Operation Delta Force 2[edit]

With global safety at stake, Delta Force - the world's most elite combat unit - is called to eliminate a dangerous international criminal who threatens to unleash nuclear terror unless he receives 25 billion dollars in exchange. This time, the adrenaline pumps twice as hard as the team turns up the heat with blistering action, thermonuclear suspense and pulse-pounding excitement!

Operation Delta Force 3[edit]

Operation Delta Force 4[edit]

Operation Delta Force 5[edit]

An elite task force is assigned to handle a Middle-Eastern terrorist mastermind who is using mind-control techniques to create an army of willing suicide bombers.


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