Operation Drop Kick

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Operation Drop Kick was conducted between April and November 1956 by the US Army Chemical Corps[1] to test the practicality of employing mosquitoes to carry an entomological warfare agent in different ways. The Chemical Corps released uninfected female mosquitoes into a cooperative residential area of Savannah, Georgia, and then estimated how many mosquitoes entered houses and bit people. Within a day, the mosquitoes had bitten many people.[2] In 1958, the Chemical Corps released 1,000,000 mosquitoes in Avon Park, Florida.

These tests showed that mosquitoes could be spread by means of various devices.[3]

The 1964 movie Dr. Strangelove also refers to an Operation Drop Kick.[4]

The TV series Archer refers to Operation Drop Kick as the codename of a CIA mission to take over a country in Latin America.[5]

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