Operation Grapeshot order of battle

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Operation Grapeshot order of battle is a listing of the significant formations that were involved in the Spring 1945 offensive in the Apennine Mountains and the Po valley in northern Italy, April 1945 – May 1945.

Allied Forces Headquarters Mediterranean[edit]

Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theatre: Field Marshal Sir Harold Alexander
Deputy Supreme Allied Commander-in-Chief:: Lieutenant General Joseph T. McNarney
Chief of Staff: Lieutenant-General William Morgan[1]
Air Commander-in Chief Mediterranean Allied Air Forces: Lieutenant General John K. Cannon

Allied 15th Army Group[edit]

Commander: General Mark Wayne Clark
Chief of Staff: Major General Alfred M. Gruenther

U.S. Fifth Army[edit]


Lieutenant General Lucian K. Truscott
Army Troops[edit]
  • U.S. 85th Infantry Division (Major General John B. Coulter)
    • 337th Regimental Combat Team
    • 338th Regimental Combat Team
    • 339th Regimental Combat Team
  • U.S. 92nd Infantry Division (Major General Edward M. Almond)
    • 370th Regimental Combat Team
    • 442nd (Japanese-American) Regimental Combat Team (attached)
    • 473rd Regimental Combat Team (attached)
  • 758th Light Tank Battalion
  • 760th Tank Battalion (less two companies)
  • 679th Tank Destroyer Battalion
  • 894th Tank Destroyer Battalion (less two companies)
U.S. II Corps[edit]
Major General Geoffrey Keyes
U.S. IV Corps[edit]
Lieutenant General Willis D. Crittenberger

British 8th Army[edit]


Lieutenant-General Sir Richard McCreery
Army Troops[edit]
  • 7th Hussars (amphibious tanks)
  • 12th Lancers (armoured cars)
  • 16th Army Group Royal Engineers
  • 20th Army Group Royal Engineers
  • 22nd Army Group Royal Engineers
British V Corps[edit]
Lieutenant-General Charles Keightley
British X Corps[edit]
Lieutenant-General John Hawkesworth
British XIII Corps[edit]
Lieutenant-General Sir John Harding
Polish II Corps[edit]
Major-General Zygmunt Bohusz-Szyszko (acting commander)
Army Reserve[edit]

German Army Group C[edit]


General Heinrich von Vietinghoff (to 29 April)
Lieutenant-General Friedrich Schulz (from 29 April to 2 May)
General Heinrich von Vietinghoff (from 2 May)

German Tenth Army[edit]


Lieutenant-General Traugott Herr

German LXXVI Panzer Corps[edit]

Lieutenant-General Graff Gerhard von Schwerin (to 25 April 1945)
Major-General Karl von Graffen (from 25 April 1945)

German I Parachute Corps[edit]

Lieutenant-General Richard Heidrich

German LXXIII Corps[edit]

Lieutenant-General Anton Dostler
  • Minor units coast watching between the Po and Venice.

German LXXXXVII Corps (transferred to Army Group E on 10 April)[edit]

General of the Mountain Troops Ludwig Kübler

Army Reserve[edit]

German Fourteenth Army[edit]

Lieutenant-General Joachim Lemelsen

German XIV Panzer Corps[edit]

Lieutenant-General Frido von Senger und Etterlin

German LI Mountain Corps[edit]

Lieutenant-General Valentin Feurstein until March 1945 and then Lieutenant-General Friedrich-Wilhelm Hauck

Army Group Liguria[edit]

Commander: Marshal Alfredo Guzzoni

Corps Lombardia[edit]

Lieutenant-General Kurt Jahn

German LXXV Corps[edit]

Lieutenant-General Hans Schlemmer

Army Group Reserve[edit]


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