Operation Hickory

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Operation Hickory
Part of the Vietnam War
Date May 18, 1967 – May 28, 1967
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United States United States North Vietnam North Vietnam
Commanders and leaders
Robert E. Cushman, Jr. Vo Nguyen Giap
2/26, 2/9, 3/9, 2/3, 3/4 Battalions 324B NVA Division
Casualties and losses
142 killed, 896 wounded (USMC account) 304 killed, 30 POW, unknown number wounded (USMC account)

Operation Hickory was an operation conducted by the United States Marine Corps in the area around Con Thien, South Vietnam known as Leatherneck Square from May 18, 1967 until May 28, 1967.



There is an entry in my Service Record Book dated 14 Jun 67 that states "Participated in Operation Hickory Beau Charger, Quang Tri Prov. RVN 18 May to 25 May 67.

I was a Corporeal - Field Radio Operator with Alpha Battery 1st Bn 12th Marines (105MM Howitzers) on Special Landing Force Alpha Operating off the USS Point Defiance. On 17 May I attended a briefing on the upcoming Operation scheduled for the next day. Each Commanding Officer had a sealed packet and instructions that it was not to be opened until on the beach. We landed on 18 May by AMTRAC on a pure white stretch of beach unopposed. We set up and dug in an immediately began firing for 1st Bn 3rd Marines who had been inserted by helicopter. We were in the middle of the southern half of the DMZ. Operation Hickory was the first authorized incursion into the DMZ.

Soon after we were set up the NVA started a Rocket attack that lasted most of the day. The first round took out three of our men from one gun. We returned fire and the next day moved south for the rest of the operation.

We made a night amphibious withdrawal on AMTRACs on 25 May.

Order of battle[edit]

United States Marine Corps
North Vietnamese
  • 324B Division

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