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Operation Karbala 3 (Persian: عملیات کربلای 3) (Battle of Al-Ummiyah)[1][2] was an operation during Iran-Iraq war, which was launched by Iran[3] on 2 September 1987 with the operation code of "Hasbonallah wa Ne'mal Wakil (Persian/Arabic: حسبنا الله و نعم الوکیل)".[4]

The main impetus of the operation was to capture and destroy two Iraq docks (Al-Umayyah and Al-Bakr).[5][6] Alongside the main goal, there were other goals, too; amongst:[7]

Fulfillment of "operation WalFajr-8"[8][9] by destruction of the most significant naval base of Iraq, aborting its access through the north of Persian Gulf; making a safe naval area for shipping; and performing a naval operation and indicating a powerful presentation of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps naval forces in Persian Gulf.[7]  

As a result of operation Karbala-3, Iranian forces captured more than 100 Iraqi combatants, and 63 Iraqi forces were killed. Meanwhile, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran annihilated 2 Iraqi fighter planes, a frigate, 15 anti-aircraft guns and 2 radar devices, plus obtaining 4 Iraqi radar devices.[7] The operation finally finished after two days battle between Iran and Iraq.[10]

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