Operation Marne Avalanche

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Operation Marne Avalanche
Part of Iraq War
Date16 July 2007 – 15 August 2007
Locationsouthern Baghdad, Iraq
Result Transitioned to Operation Marne Husky at the commencement of Operation Phantom Strike
 United States
Iraqi insurgency
Casualties and losses
None 83 killed
278 captured
51 weapon caches found
51 boats destroyed
872 killed[citation needed]

Operation Marne Avalanche was a US military operation that occurred in southern Baghdad in July 2007 as part of Operation Phantom Thunder. The goal of the offensive operation was to stop southern Baghdad from being used as a haven and to prevent the movement of weapons, munitions and insurgent activity into Baghdad.

Operation details[edit]

The operation’s intent was to improve security conditions in southern Baghdad and reduce the influence of insurgents in the area. Another goal of the operation was to stanche the flow of weapons into Baghdad.[1]

Marne Avalanche built on the successes of Task Force Marne’s offensive operation, Marne Torch, which began 16 June 2007. Operation Marne Torch resulted in more than 1,152 structures cleared, 83 suspected insurgents killed, 278 suspected insurgents detained, 51 weapons caches found, 51 boats destroyed and 872 Iraqi citizens entered in a biometric identification system.[1]