Operation Mawtini

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Operation Mawtini
Part of the Iraq War
Two Marines, watch the sun go down while standing on the gun line before combined arms training as part of the first week of the operation.
Date15 July 2007
LocationWestern Al Anbar, Iraq
 United States
Iraqi Army
Iraqi insurgency
Commanders and leaders
Iraq Abboud Qanbar
United States David Petraeus
Over 9,000 Unknown
Casualties and losses
None Unknown

Operation Mawtini was launched on 15 July 2007 by the Regimental Combat Team 2, located in western Al Anbar province, to neutralize attempts by anti-Iraqi Forces to re-establish a presence in key urban areas along the Euphrates River valley.

The operation called for over 9,000 U.S. Marines, soldiers, and sailors, along with elements of the Iraqi Army, to strike deep into the less-traveled regions of RCT-2's operating area.


Operation Mawtini, which included the Iraqi Army’s 2nd and 3rd Brigades of the 7th Division, began on the heels of Operation Harris Ba’sil which had provided a better picture of enemy movement patterns and safe havens. The information gained during Harris Ba’sil allowed the Regiment to conduct focused disruption and security operations in those areas critical to the enemy.

Participating units[edit]

American units[edit]

Iraqi units[edit]

  • 2nd Brigade, 7th Division
  • 3rd Brigade, 7th Division

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