Operation Phantom Linebacker

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Operation Phantom Linebacker
Part of War on Terrorism, Operation Iraqi Freedom
Date Early August 2004
Location Baghdad, Iraq
Result Designed to interdict anti-government fighters from entering Iraq from Syria
United States United States
Israel Israel[citation needed]
Iraq Iraqi National Guard
South Korea ROK forces in Iraq
Syria Syria,
Iraq Iraqi Insurgency
Commanders and leaders
South Korea Capt. Kim Chu Young Syria Unknown
Iraq Unknown

Operation Phantom Linebacker was a coalition military operation in Iraq designed to interdict anti-government fighters from entering Iraq from Syria. The U.S. 3rd Brigade and the 2nd Infantry Division (United States) conducted the operation with the Iraqi National Guard, Iraqi Border Police, and other Multinational Forces. The U.S. III Corps uses ‘Phantom’ as its nickname. Launched in early August 2004.

Military Units Involved[edit]

US forces reported to be involved were
Iraqi Units involved


No US, Coalition or Iraqi casualties or deaths were reported during the operation.