Operation Provide Comfort (Charity Drive)

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Operation Provide Comfort is a charity drive sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, American Legion Post 295( http://www.post295.org )

Since January 2003, Legionnaires from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial American Legion Post 295 in Gaithersburg, Maryland and American Legion Post 128 in Stanardsville, Virginia have been assisting wounded and sick military members with personal care needs while they are undergoing rehabilitation at the area’s military hospitals.

The hospitals are the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland; Malcolm Grow Hospital, Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland; Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D.C.; soldiers, sailors and marines who are wounded often have much of their clothing cut off and are evacuated out of country in less than 12 hours. This results in the wounded soldier being separated from their personal property. Sometimes they arrive at the hospital with nothing more than their ID Card and if they are lucky, their boots. While hospitalized, they cannot go to the store to buy personal items and the soldiers rely on donations or family members to provide these necessary items.

Operation Provide Comfort has worked with the Command Staffs at the Bethesda Naval Hospital and Walter Reed Army Medical Center in developing a list of needs that the military cannot provide or solicit donations for these items.

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