Operation Schamil

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Operation Schamil was a plan for a German army operation to drop special operations forces ahead of the main attacking force against the Soviet towns of Maykop and Grozny. These two town were major oil production and refining centers, and (together with Baku) were prime objectives for the German 1942 Summer offensive by Army Group A led by Generalfeldmarschall Wilhelm List.

The plan called for the Lehr-Regiment Brandenburg zBV 800 (a special operations unit) to be dropped in advance of the 1st Panzer Army to take the towns by surprise, before the Soviets managed to damage or destroy the oil facilities there.

The plan was carried out against the Maykop oilfields, but the Soviets were nevertheless able to damage the oil facilities. Later, a small unit was also dropped behind the Soviet lines in the Grozny area, carrying out commando operations.[1]


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