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There is a large body of fiction set in an alternate history or a secret history, where the Operation Sea Lion, a German plan of invasion of Britain during World War II, is attempted or successfully carried out. However, analyses by experts during a wargame conducted in 1974 concluded that there was little chance of the plan succeeding.




  • An Englishman's Castle (1978) is a British series set in an alternate history 1970s, in which Germany won World War II and occupies England. The protagonist Peter Ingram is a writer for a soap opera (also called An Englishman's Castle), which is set in London during The Blitz and subsequent German occupation.[1]
  • SS-GB (2017), a five-part adaption of the Deighton novel.

Video games[edit]

  • Axis & Allies (2004), while playing as the Axis powers in campaign mode (which has the Axis powers winning the war), Operation Sea Lion is the mission following the failed invasion of Normandy.
  • Battle Academy: Operation Sealion (2012), a DLC campaign for a turn-based strategy game.
  • Empire Earth (2001), the last mission of the German campaign is to carry out Operation Sea Lion.
  • Hearts of Iron IV (2016), as an achievement for the capture of London while playing Germany.
  • Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (2008), a first-person shooter.
  • War Front: Turning Point (2007), a real-time strategy game.
  • Call of Duty: WWII (2017), a first-person shooter game. Operation Sea Lion is referenced in the Nazi Zombies mode.

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