Operation Secret Storm

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Operation: Secret Storm
Cover art
Publisher(s)Color Dreams
Designer(s)Jon Valesh
Artist(s)Nancy Valesh
Composer(s)Sandy Sims
Platform(s)Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre(s)Beat 'em ups

Operation Secret Storm is an action-oriented NES game where you control a secret agent named George B. (which was seen by many as a caricature of then-President George H. W. Bush) as he fights the Iraqi army. The player fights a lot of Arabs as he gets deeper and deeper into Iraq. During the development of the game, Operation Desert Storm was a hot topic on the news and the developers rushed the game to release it before the conflict could end.


Saddam Hussein, as he appears in this game, is ranked eighth in Electronic Gaming Monthly’s list of the top ten video game politicians.[1] The game's superhero caricature of George H. W. Bush was ranked as one of the greatest video game Presidents by G4. [2]


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