Operation Stampede 3

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Operation Stampede 3
Part of Iraq War
Date 6 July 2007
Location Baghdad, Iraq
Result Successful Allied raid
United States United States
Iraq Iraq
Iraqi Insurgency
Not Reported Not Reported
Casualties and losses
Not Reported Detained 2 large caches of weapons
Not Reported

Operation Stampede 3 was a U.S. military operation conducted in Baghdad, Iraq, in July 2007 to try to correct the security situation.


During Operation Stampede 3, which was conducted by the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, two large caches of ordnance were uncovered that could have been used to make a number of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)s, more than 80 mortar rounds, 10 rockets, 15 pounds of plastic explosives, several artillery rounds, fuses, blasting caps and other components to be used to make IEDs.

Operation Stampede 3 was a sub-operation of Operation Marne Torch and Operation Phantom Thunder.

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