Operation Storm City

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Operation Storm City
Author Joshua Mowll
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series The Guild of Specialists
Genre Young adult novel
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Preceded by Operation Typhoon Shore

Operation Storm City is the third novel in The Guild of Specialists trilogy by Joshua Mowll. It was published in the UK and France in the autumn of 2008. The US edition was released in hardcover on the May 12, 2009. The series follows the adventures of Rebecca and Douglas MacKenzie as they search to find their parents who went missing on an expedition to the Sinkiang Desert in China.

The cover of the book features a ram's head in the trademark portal in the centre.

Plot summary[edit]

Rebecca and Douglas (known as Becca and Doug in the books) return to their home town of Lucknow, in India, after their adventures in Operation Typhoon Shore. They continue their quest to find their parents and uncover the secrets of the Guild. They become reunited with Miss Liberty Da Vine whom they rescued from Sheng-Fat on Wenzi Island in Operation Red Jericho and travelled with aboard the Expedient in Operation Typhoon Shore.

Operation Storm City is the final installment of the trilogy. From India to the desert wastes of China, Becca and Doug must follow every clue and scrap of information discovered so far in their adventures to guide them to the truth about their missing parents. Old friends join them in new alliances, for Becca and Doug know now that they must find Ur-Can the fabled machine at the very heart of the story which is hidden deep in the Taklamakan Desert - the so-called ‘Desert of Death’. They now know Ur-Can holds the answers they seek, as it was the destination of their parents’ lost expedition. But Ur-Can has fallen into the hands of a mad Russian general intent on using the machine’s colossal power for his own evil ends. Becca and Doug are tested beyond anything they have so far endured in the trilogy as they try to conclude their gruelling quest.



  1. Rebecca MacKenzie (Becca)
  2. Douglas MacKenzie (Doug)
  3. Captain Fitzroy MacKenzie
  4. Miss Liberty Da Vine
  5. Xu and Xi
  6. Master Aa and the Sujing Quantou
  7. Bergstrom
  8. The Duchess
  9. Rajah Ishwari
  10. The MacKenzie Parents (Hamish and Elena)
  11. Mr. and Mrs. Rampal
  12. The Sage
  13. Uncle Pete da Vine
  14. The Rest of the Expedient crew (Ten Dinners, Mr. Ives, Slippery Sam,Chambois, etc.)


  1. Julius Pembleton-Crozier
  2. Lucrecia Pembleton-Crozier
  3. Capulus
  4. General Pugachev
  5. The Kalaxx

Other books in the trilogy[edit]

Book 1: Operation Red Jericho

Book 2: Operation Typhoon Shore

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