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Operational Studies Group, also known as OSG, is a publisher of tabletop wargames mostly devoted to the wars of Napoleon I. Some of their more notable games include Napoleon at Leipzig, Napoleon at Bay and Bonaparte in Italy. OSG is a leader in the design and production of Napoleonic Wargames. OSG's Board Wargames are played on historically accurate heavy-stock paper maps. The armies and leaders that move across the maps are represented by 1/2" square die-cut cardboard playing pieces.

OSG is run by Kevin Zucker, a former managing editor at Simulations Publications. Zucker left OSG in 1979, and the company closed down soon thereafter, but Zucker renewed the company name to market new wargames, such as Four Lost Battles (a game representing the defeat of Napoleon's marshals in the campaign leading up to the Battle of Leipzig) and "The Habit of Victory" (*Napoleon's 1807 Campaign in Poland).

After a hiatus in 2009, the company once again commenced production in 2010. "The Coming Storm" (four battles of the 1806-07 campaign) was published on 22 December 2010.

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