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Operazione White Crane[1] (Operation White Crane) was Italy's military relief operation for Haiti, following the 12 January 2010 earthquake.[2]

Force composition[edit]

Aircraft carrier Cavour

Italy is sending:

  • aircraft carrier Cavour[3]
    • Cavour's complement:
      • 6 Navy helicopters[2][3]
      • two operating theatres[3]
      • 550 ship's crew, medical complement, force protection sailors[2][3]
    • Shipped on Cavour: (Task Force Genio[5])
      • 15 Army tracked vehicles[2][3]
      • 20 Army wheeled vehicles[2][3]
      • 5 mobile medical vehicles[2]
      • Army personnel[3]
        • 200 alpine troops of the 2° reggimento Genio di Trento[NB 1][6]
      • Air Force personnel[3]
      • Carabinieri military police[2][3]
      • Carabinieri medical unit[2]
      • mobile hospital[2]
      • 200 tonnes of food[4]
  • Field hospital[7]
  • C-130[7]

Mission timeline[edit]

On 14 January 2010, Italy dispatched a C-130 loaded with 20 surgeons, some soldiers, some civil protection officers, and a field hospital. It decided to send a warship.[7]

On 19 January 2010, Cavour set sail for Haiti, leaving La Spezia.[3][8][9]

As of 29 January 2010, Cavour had picked up a Brazilian relief force at Fortaleza. The Brazilians added two helicopters, a UH-14 Super Puma and a UH-12 Squirrel (AS350[10]), 11 civilians (6 doctors, 5 nurses), 63 military (25 health professionals).[11]

On 1 February 2010, Cavour arrived at the Dominican Republic port of Puerto Caucedo, near the capital of Santo Domingo.[4] The land element, Task Force Genio,[5] disembarked, and would trek overland to Haiti, due to the damaged docks at Port-au-Prince. Cavour has RO-RO capability.[NB 2] It would depart for Haiti later.[12]

On 3 February 2010, Cavour had disgorged all the land-mobile land-element.[13] The overland trip to Port-au-Prince from Puerto Caucedo took 24 hours.[14]

On 6 February 2010, Cavour arrived at Port-au-Prince.[15]

As of 7 February 2010, over 25 aid flights using the Italian and Brazilian helicopters over the two days that Cavour had been at Port-au-Prince, had been completed.[10]

Cavour is expected to remain docked at Port-au-Prince through mid-April.[16]


Several Italians have criticized the use of Cavour since it costs over 200,000 Euros a day to operate, and shipping by air would have been far faster. Others have said, that it is a drop in the bucket compared to the efforts by the US. Some have pointed out, it is one of the largest efforts out of Europe.[6]


  1. ^ 2nd engineering regiment of Trento
  2. ^ RO-RO = roll-on, roll-off -- similar to a ferry, where you can drive on and drive off again


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