Opium (KMFDM album)

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Studio album by KMFDM
Released 1984
Recorded Mid-1984[1] at Pft Brd, Blankenese
Genre Industrial, industrial rock
Length 43:49
Label Firstworld[2]
KMFDM chronology
What Do You Know, Deutschland?
(1986)What Do You Know, Deutschland?1986

Opium is the debut album by KMFDM released in 1984. There were only a handful of cassette copies made. The album was re-released in 2002 by KMFDM Records. It was originally recorded in Hamburg, Germany.

Opium is one of only two KMFDM studio albums (Nihil being the other) that does not feature cover artwork by pop-artist Brute!.


Opium was originally released in a limited run of cassettes and distributed through the Hamburg club scene.[3] In the early 2000s, the original 8-track tapes were salvaged from a house, after surviving a fire and years of sitting in damp boxes. This had left them in a damaged state.[2] Sascha Konietzko salvaged what information was still intact on the tapes, and then set about re-creating the tracks. This included reprogramming drums on some tracks with the original sounds, or sounds close to the original.[2]

Sascha said that Opium would be the "missing link to 'Where did KMFDM even come from in the first place?'," which he said would be missed out if a listener began with What Do You Know, Deutschland?.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by KMFDM[4].

1."Fix Me Up"3:40
3."The Smell"4:06
4."Helmut Mein Helmut"4:44
9."RAF OK"4:25
10."Mating Sounds of Helicopters"6:26
Total length:43:49


All information from KMFDM.net.[4]


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