Opium and the Kung-Fu Master

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Opium and the Kung-Fu Master
Film poster
MandarinHóng Quán Dà Shī
CantoneseHung4 Kyun4 Daai6 Si1
Directed byTang Chia
Produced byMona Fong
Screenplay byWong Ying
StarringTi Lung
Music byStephen Shing
So Chun-hung
CinematographyCho Wai-kei
Edited bySiu Fung
Ma Chung-yiu
Chiu Cheuk-man
Distributed byShaw Brothers Studio
Release date
1984 (1984)
Running time
86 minutes
CountryHong Kong

Opium and the Kung-Fu Master is a 1984 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Tang Chia, who also serves as one of the film's action directors, and stars Ti Lung as the titular protagonist.


Master Tie Qiao San (Ti Lung), the leader of the Ten Tigers of Canton, is the chief coach of China's militia. At that time, the opium ban was in use, but public sale of opium was widely available. Many bureaucrats were taking opium, a trend that Tie followed. As Tie takes opium, his physical skills were declining. Seeing how Tie's skills are declining, opium store owner Rong Feng (Chen Kuan-tai) challenges Tie to a public duel. Tie struggles to fight Rong and was in serious danger until his disciple Lu Guasi (Robert Mak) steps in to rescue him before dying from his injuries. Seeing his disciple killed by Rong, Tie vows to seek revenge.


  • Ti Lung as Tie Qiao San
  • Robert Mak as Lu Guasi
  • Leanne Liu as Xiao Cui
  • Chen Kuan-tai as Rong Feng
  • Philip Ko as Golden Cat
  • Koo Koon-chung as Mo Tian
  • Alan Chan as Da Niu
  • Lee Hoi-sang as Instructor Zheng Hong
  • Yue Tau-wan as Wang An
  • Tang Chia as Yi Zheng
  • Chan Shen as Mr. Lu
  • Kwan Fung as Fuk Chi-lin
  • Ho Wai-han as Fat Girl
  • Lui Hui as Xiu's mother
  • Chan Yuet-yue as Lan
  • Cheung Kwok-wa as Cat's hired rascal
  • Elvis Tsui as Cat's hired rascal
  • Kong Chuen as Guasi's worker
  • Stephen Chan as Guasi's worker
  • Ailen Sit as Guasi's worker
  • Wong Wai-tong as Guasi's worker
  • Jacky Yeung as Guasi's worker
  • Ho Wing-cheung as Guasi's worker
  • Fei Kin as Guasi's worker
  • Lee Yiu-king as Guasi's worker
  • Wong Chi-ming as Zheng Hong's man
  • Yuen Bun as Zheng Hong's man
  • Ma Hon-yuen as Zheng Hong's man
  • Wong Chi-keung as Zheng Hong's man
  • Lee Hang as Zheng Hong's man
  • Yuen Wah as Zheng Hong's man
  • Ng Yuen-fan as Zheng Hong's man
  • Wong Pau-kei as Zheng Hong's man
  • Ling Chi-hung as Zheng Hong's man
  • Lung Ying as Zheng Hong's man
  • Ngai Tim-choi as Zheng Hong's man
  • Kong Long as Master Lu's servant
  • Ting Tung as Villager
  • Cheung Sek-au as Villager
  • Wong Ching-ho as Villager
  • Wang Han-chen as Villager
  • Cheung Chok-chow as Villager
  • Yeung Chi-hing as Villager
  • Ling Hon as Villager
  • Fong Yue as Villager
  • Cheng Miu as Villager
  • Fung Ming as Villager
  • Shum Lo as Villager
  • Ho Pak-kwong as Villager
  • Gam Tin-chue as Villager
  • Sai Gwa-pau as Villager
  • Wong Kung-miu as Villager
  • Wong Wa as Boatman
  • Chan Hung as Master Mo's servant
  • Lam Wai
  • Wong Chue-Kwong
  • Chan Shiu-wa as Rong Feng's thug

Critical reception[edit]

Adam Tyner of DVD Talk rated the film 4 stars out of 5 and writes "Opium and the Kung-Fu Master is outstanding, bolstered by an onslaught of startling action sequences and a remarkably effective undercurrent of addiction.[1] Sylvia Rorem of Hong Kong Cinemagic gave the film a positive review and writes "Opium and the Kung Fu Master is not simply a light piece of chop socky entertainment. While it is not a life-changing film, it is a solid, quality kung fu drama that can stand up to repeated viewings."[2]


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