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Opmantek Ltd
Traded asASSOB:OMK
Australian Small Scale Offerings Board
IndustryComputer software, Network Management, IT service management, Business service management, Application server Management
FounderDanny Maher
Area served
Key people
  • Danny Maher (CEO)
  • Keith Sinclair (CTO)
  • Development
  • Installation
  • Customization
  • Consulting

Opmantek Ltd. (ASSOB:OMK) is a developer and promoter of open source and commercial open source network management, monitoring and auditing software. The company sponsors the open source projects NMIS (Network Management Information System) and Open-AudIT. There are 130,000 businesses around the world that are using one or more Opmantek products. Both NMIS and Opmantek have won multiple awards including Australian Company of the Year from AAAI (2013) [1] and Network World’s reader’s choice for Network Management.[2]


Opmantek was formed and founded by current Chairman and CEO Danny Maher through the acquisition of the intellectual property to NMIS.[3] Upon acquiring the intellectual property Mr Maher initiated a successful (oversubscribed) capital raise on the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) and successfully received a grant from the City of Gold Coast Council to establish the corporate headquarters at the Gold Coast, Australia. Shortly after formation, Mr Maher recruited NMIS’ founder Keith Sinclair from Cisco Systems as the company’s CTO.

Opmantek invested in upgrading NMIS and keeping it as free software (both in the Free Software Foundation definition and also in monetary terms) and initially operated commercially by providing commercial support for NMIS.

Under Keith Sinclair’s guidance Opmantek set about producing commercial modules that enhanced the functionality of NMIS and these modules were launched in September 2012[4] with various media statements indicating high success especially among Telecommunications organisations and managed service providers.

In January 2013 Opmantek acquired the intellectual property to the open source project Open-AudIT. As was the case with NMIS, Opmantek committed to investing in the open source project[5] and operating commercially by selling additional modules and support. Open-AudIT’s founder, Mark Unwin, joined Opmantek as part of the acquisition terms. Opmantek continues to publicly support Open Source Software and provides free enhancements and upgrades of both NMIS and Open-AudIT.

Awards & Sponsorships[edit]

  • CIO Review - 20 most promising open source solution providers 2015[6]
  • Gold Coast Business Excellence Knowledge Management and IT Award - 2015 Winner
  • Premier of Queensland's Export Awards, ICT Exporter of the Year - 2015 Winner
  • American Business Awards People's Choice for Systems Management - 2015 Winner
  • Prime Minister of Australia's Export Awards, Australian ICT Exporter of the Year - 2014 Winner
  • Premier of Queensland's Export Awards, ICT Exporter of the Year - 2014 Winner
  • iAwards - 2014 Winner
  • Gold Coast Business Excellence Mayor's Award - 2014 Winner
  • Network World Reader’s Choice Awards - Winner
  • Company of the Year AAAI - Winner
  • iAwards - 2013 Winner
  • GC Business Awards - 2013 Finalist
  • Investment Attraction Award - GCCC
  • Sponsorship of the Opmantek IT Prize at Griffith University

Software Packages[edit]

  • Opmantek offers the following software packages:
  • NMIS – Device Performance and Network Connectivity Monitoring, Fault Analysis, Altering, and Reporting
  • opHA – a Managed Service Provider and High Availability module for NMIS
  • opCharts - Charting and custom dashboard module for NMIS
  • opConfig – recording, reporting, and auditing of configuration files from CLI based devices
  • opReports – advanced reporting for NMIS
  • opFlow – NetFlow monitoring and analysis
  • opSLA – High scale Cisco IPSLA management for NMIS
  • opEvents – Log and event correlator with deduplifcation and normalization across NMIS logs, database tables, security events, etc.
  • Open-AudIT – cross-platform device and software auditing and management
  • Open-AudIT Enterprise – an enhanced version of Open-AudIT including reporting, graphs, dashboards


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