Oppanakara Street

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Oppanakara Street at Coimbatore
Minarets of Athar Jamath Mosque on Oppanakara Street, one of the oldest Mosques in Coimbatore.
Maintained by Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation
From end South Ukkadam, Coimbatore

Vysial street
Raja Street
Thomas Street
Big Bazaar Street
Edayar Street/Varity Hall Road
To end Mill Road junction, Coimbatore

Oppanakara Street is a street in Coimbatore, India. It is located close to the Town Hall area and Coimbatore Corporation building. Many commercial establishments can be found there, making it of the busiest streets in the city and in India.


The street lies between South Ukkadam on one end and Mill Road on the other end. On the street many commercial establishments can be found ranging from street hawkers selling safety pins to big stores selling gold jewellery. Coimbatore is the textile hub of India[citation needed] and many textile showrooms occupy Oppanakara Street. Many of the city's oldest commercial establishments are on Oppanakara Street. Buses from Ukkadam use this road.

The street is full of people during festival times, and heavy pedestrian traffic comes from shopping at the textile/garment stores.[1]

Commercial shops[edit]

Commercial shops established on Oppanakara Street include:

  1. Pothys
  2. Big Bazaar
  3. The Chennai Silks (2 showrooms)
  4. Ganapathy Silks
  5. Ramraj Cotton
  6. Raasi electronics
  7. Saravana stores


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