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Erste Basketball League
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2016–17 Prva A liga
Montenegrin Basketball logo.png
Official KSCG logo
Sport Basketball
Founded 2006
CEO Milo Đukanović
No. of teams 12
Country Montenegro Montenegro
Continent European Union FIBA Europe (Europe)
Most recent
Most titles Budućnost
(11 titles in independent Montenegro; 14 overall)
TV partner(s) RTCG
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to Montenegrin Second League
Domestic cup(s) Montenegrin Basketball Cup
Official website Official Website

The First Erste League is the national professional basketball league in Montenegro. It is the top basketball division of the Basketball Association of Montenegro (Košarkaški savez Crne Gore - KSCG). It was established in 2006. shortly after Montenegro declared its independence from Serbia and Montenegro. The league is sponsored by Erste Bank.
Two clubs from Montenegrin Basketball League are playing in ABA League.


Before independence[edit]

During their history, many Montenegrin basketball clubs played in the top-tier competition of SFR Yugoslavia, FR Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro. Among them are KK Budućnost, KK Lovćen, KK Sutjeska, KK Mornar, KK Primorka and KK Berane.

Most successful was KK Budućnost. In the 80's, club played very important role in Yugoslav First Basketball League. But, time of notable successes for Budućnost comes at the end of 90's in YUBA League. With three champion titles, Budućnost became the strongest side in Yugoslav basketball, and once played in Euroleague quarterfinals.
At the start of new century, Budućnost started to play in ABA League, where they play important role until today. Other Montenegrin sides which played in ABA League are KK Lovćen, KK Sutjeska and KK Mornar.
Below is the list of Montenegrin clubs' champion titles in the First League of Yugoslavia.

Club Winners Runners-up Winning Years
KK Budućnost Podgorica
1998-99, 1999-00, 2000-01

After independence[edit]

Soon after the Montenegrin independence referendum, Basketball Federation of Montenegro founded its own competitions, with the First League as a top-tier competition. During the all history, KK Budućnost was strongly dominant side, won every single trophy of national champion.
Every season have two parts. During the first part, 8 to 10 clubs are playing league, without teams who are playing in ABA League. In second part, best-placed teams from the league and Montenegrin clubs from ABA League are competing in playoffs. Final series of playoffs is lasting until three wins of one opponent.


Only one club won all the champion titles in Montenegrin Basketball League, since its inaugural season.

Titles by season[edit]

Season Champion Runner-up Score
2006–07 Budućnost Lovćen 3–0
2007–08 Budućnost Mogren 3–0
2008–09 Budućnost Primorje 3–0
2009–10 Budućnost Lovćen 3–0
2010–11 Budućnost Mornar 3–0
2011–12 Budućnost Sutjeska 3–0
2012–13 Budućnost Sutjeska 3–0
2013–14 Budućnost Zeta 2011 3–0
2014–15 Budućnost Sutjeska 3–1
2015–16 Budućnost Mornar 3–1
2016–17 Budućnost Mornar 3–2

Titles by Club[edit]

Montenegrin League[edit]

Below is a list of clubs with titles won in Montenegrin Basketball League.

Club Titles Runners-up Years Won
Budućnost 11 0 from 2006–07 to 2016–17
Sutjeska 0 3
Mornar 0 3
Lovćen 0 2
Mogren 0 1
Primorje 0 1
Zeta 2011 0 1


Below is an overall list, with titles won in both leagues - Montenegrin Basketball League and FR Yugoslavia / Serbia and Montenegro Championship.

Club Titles Runners-up Years Won
Budućnost 14 1 1998-99, 1999-00, 2000-01, from 2006-07 to 2016-17
Mornar 0 3
Sutjeska 0 3
Lovćen 0 2
Mogren 0 1
ABS Primorje 0 1
Zeta 2011 0 1

Montenegrin basketball clubs in ABA League[edit]

Clubs from Montenegrin League are permanent participants of ABA League, one of strongest team competitions in Europe. In 2001, one of founders was Montenegrin side Budućnost, which is among most successful members of competition. Except Budućnost, in ABA League played three other clubs from Montenegro - Lovćen, Sutjeska and Mornar.
KK Budućnost played four times in the semifinal of ABA League playoffs, which is the most significant success of Montenegrin clubs in that competition until now.
Below is list of participation of Montenegrin clubs by every season of ABA League.

Season Club Pos P W L Note
2001–02 Budućnost 9 22 9 13
2003–04 Budućnost 5 26 16 10
Lovćen 14 26 5 21
2004–05 Budućnost 14 30 9 21
2006–07 Budućnost 5 26 16 10
2007–08 Budućnost 6 29 16 13 Playoffs: Quarterfinals
2008–09 Budućnost 6 26 15 11
2009–10 Budućnost 5 26 15 11
2010–11 Budućnost 4 27 15 12 Final four: Semifinals
2011–12 Budućnost 4 27 18 9 Final four: Semifinals
2012–13 Budućnost 5 26 16 10
2013–14 Budućnost 5 26 15 11
2014–15 Budućnost 3 31 21 10 Playoffs: Semifinals
2015–16 Budućnost 3 28 23 5 Playoffs: Semifinals
Sutjeska 13 26 9 17
2016–17 Budućnost 4 29 19 10 Playoffs: Semifinals
Mornar 8 26 10 16

Montenegrin basketball clubs in European competitions[edit]

Clubs from Montenegro have been playing in European basketball competitions since the 1980s. Until 2006, they represented SFR Yugoslavia and FR Yugoslavia. Almost all European seasons by Montenegrin clubs are played by KK Budućnost. Exceptions are two single seasons in European competitions played by KK Lovćen Cetinje and KK Mornar Bar.

The most successful period was the end of the 1990s and beginning of new century. At that time, KK Budućnost played in the finish phases of EuroLeague. In that period, Budućnost often played games against greatest European basketball teams like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, CSKA Moscow, Panathinaikos, Olympiacos, Maccabi Tel Aviv.

During the overall history, two different Montenegrin clubs played in FIBA/ULEB competitions. KK Budućnost played in every competition (Euroleague, Eurocup/ULEB Cup, Saporta Cup/FIBA EuroCup, FIBA Korać Cup), while KK Lovćen played one season in FIBA Korać Cup, and KK Mornar in Basketball Champions League.

Team Seasons G W L
KK Budućnost Podgorica
KK Mornar Bar
KK Lovćen Cetinje

As of the end of FIBA/ULEB competitions 2016–17 season.

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