Opposite Worlds

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Opposite Worlds
Opposite Worlds Logo.png
GenreReality competition
Created bySergio Nakasone
Directed byHans van Riet
Presented byLuke Tipple
Country of originUnited States
Chile (Franchise)
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes12
Executive producerCurtis Colden
Running time43 minutes
Original networkSyfy
Picture format(HDTV) (2014)
Original releaseJanuary 21 (2014-01-21) –
February 26, 2014 (2014-02-26)
Related showsMundos Opuestos
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Opposite Worlds is an American reality game show that originally aired on the cable channel Syfy. The format of the show was based on the successful Chilean series Mundos Opuestos which aired from 2012 to 2013 on the cable channel Canal 13. The series revolved around a group of strangers divided into two teams, and made to live in a house divided by "future" and "past" themes. The teams competed in weekly challenges to determine where they would live. One contestant, known as the Decider, selected two contestants to compete in a challenge, with the loser being eliminated from the game. The winner of the series, determined after six weeks, won a $100,000 prize. The series was hosted by Luke Tipple. The show premiered on January 21, 2014 and aired on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with the latter being a live elimination episode. The show was cancelled after one season.[1][dead link][better source needed]


The Chilean series Mundos Opuestos first premiered in January 2012, and featured a total of thirty-two contestants who were both celebrities and non-celebrities, including Richard Rubin of Beauty and the Geek.[2][3] The series proved to be an early success, and editions for Turkey, Mexico, and the United States were later announced to be in the works.[4][5] The series was first announced in October 2013, and was slated for a January 2014 release.[6] The series officially launched on January 21, 2014.[7] In a Tweet dated March 1, 2015[8] the host, Luke Tipple, confirmed the show was canceled.


Opposite Worlds is a game show in which a group of contestants live in isolation from the outside world in a custom built "house", constantly under video surveillance. The house is divided by a "future" (luxurious Space Age) and "past" (primitive Stone Age) theme, with a glass wall dividing the two areas.[9] The contestants are divided into two teams, and participate in a weekly "Worldly Challenge" to determine which area the teams will stay; the winning team is given the option to live in the future or the past.[10] The two teams later select one of their own to be "protected" for the week, and thus are not able to be eliminated that week. Viewers then vote for one of the two protected contestants to become the "Decider", who then select one player from each team to face off in "The Duel of Destiny".[11] The loser of the duel is eliminated from the competition.[12] Though the show is hosted by Luke Tipple, the house also features an electronic voice, Athena, who communicates with those in the "future" area of the house.

While the series was airing, it featured a "Twitter Popularity Index" (TPI), which was used to determine the popularity of each contestant; the most popular contestant received a reward, while the least popular received a punishment.[9]

Season details[edit]

Season Launch date Finale date Days Contestants Winner Prize money Average viewers
Season 1 January 21, 2014 February 26, 2014 42
Frank Sansonetti $100,000 TBA 12


The series is based on the Chilean reality series Mundos Opuestos, which premiered in 2012.[13] The Chilean edition featured a mixture of celebrity contestants and non-celebrities, including Richard Rubin of Beauty and the Geek.[2][4] In October 2012, it was confirmed that SyFy had picked up the rights to air the series for twelve episodes for a total of six weeks.[6] Mark Stern, president of content over SyFy, said the series "has become an absolute phenomenon [...] This groundbreaking, edgy program is a remarkable television experiment transporting the audience and the contestants into starkly opposite worlds, simultaneously."[5] The series was executive produced by JD Roth, Todd A. Nelson, Brant Pinvidic, Adam Kaloustian and Curtis Colden for Eyeworks USA.[14] Casting for the series was done both online and through casting calls, with applicants being able to submit videos to SyFy or to appear at a casting call.[15] It was noted that eight out of the original twelve contestants were from California, while three of the potential four contestants were from California as well.[16] Wyatt, JR, Frank, and Charles were the only contestants who submitted their applications online.[15]

It was announced on January 9, 2014 that Luke Tipple would host the series.[17] Tipple had previously been on television series' for networks such as The CW and the Discovery Channel.[18] The contestants entered the house on January 16, 2014.[19] The cast was revealed on January 14, 2014.[16] Contestants Danielle Pascente and Jeffry Calle were the youngest contestants at age 25;[15] Wyatt Werneth was the oldest at age 47.[15] Rachel Lara is a working actress and starred in Lionsgate's thriller movie, 'Killer Holiday', and had previously been a character model for Capcom's' 'Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City' video game,[15] while Charles Haskins joined the Marines at the age of 19.[15] Jesse Wilson had previously appeared on the reality series Love in the Wild (2012).[20] Aside from the original twelve contestants, an additional four contestants were revealed to be potential contestants, with the public deciding which two should enter the game.[21] The two contestants selected entered the house at a later date.[22]

Opposite Worlds originally aired on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on the SyFy network.[15] The Wednesday episode of the series was announced to be live, making it the first SyFy series to air live episodes.[23] The show was simulcasted in Canada on Bell Media's Space channel. In addition they hold the rights to produce a local edition of the show.[24]


Contestant Original Team Switched Team Merged Team Finish
Charles Haskins
39, New York City, NY
Epoch 14th Place
Day 5
Rachel Lara
27, Sherman Oaks, CA
Chronos 13th Place
Day 7
Wyatt Werneth
47, Cocoa Beach, FL
Epoch 12th Place
Day 14
Angela Lima
34, Minneapolis, MN
Epoch 11th Place
Day 21
Danielle Pascente
25, Phoenix, AZ
Chronos Chronos 10th Place
Day 28
Steve DiCarlo
24, Burnt Hills, NY
Epoch Epoch 9th Place
Day 29
Mercy Ukpolo
25, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Chronos Chronos 7th/8th Place
Day 35
Jesse Wilson
34, Knights Ferry, CA
Chronos Chronos 7th/8th Place
Day 35
Lisette Resille
32, Tucson, AZ
Chronos Chronos Individuals 5th/6th Place
Day 36
Lauren Schwab
27, Valley Center, KS
Epoch Epoch 5th/6th Place
Day 36
Samm Murphy
28, Jacksonville, FL
Epoch Epoch 4th Place
Day 42
Jeffry Calle
25, Suffern, NY
Chronos Chronos 3rd Place
Day 42
J.R. Cook
28, Knoxville, TN
Epoch Epoch 2nd Place
Day 42
Frank Sansonetti
33, Staten Island, NY
Chronos Epoch Winner
Day 42

Potential candidates[edit]

Four of the potential cast members were revealed for a public vote prior to the start of the season. The two players with the most votes moved into the house in time for the January 21 taped episode. The poll was won by Mercy and Steve.[19]

Name Age Hometown
Kevin 38 Monroe, NY
Mercy 25 Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Natela 30 Sochi, Russia
Steve 24 Burnt Hills, NY


On Day 1, the original twelve players entered the house in two groups; Danielle, Frank, Jeffry, Jesse, Lisette, and Rachel formed the Chronos team, and lived in the future area while Angela, Charles, JR, Lauren, Samm, and Wyatt formed the Epoch team in the past area.[25] The following day, the contestants competed in the first Worldly Challenge, which saw the contestants facing off on a platform attempting to knock one another off using stun guns.[26] During the competition, Charles broke his leg and Lauren broke her finger and sprained her wrist.[27] Though Lauren returned to the game that night, Charles remained outside of the house.[15] Chronos won the competition after it came down to a tie-breaker round, and chose to remain in the future area. On Day 3, Lisette and JR were chosen to be the two protected contestants.[15] On Day 7, It was revealed J.R. won The Decider with 90% of the vote. J.R. decided to put in Angela and Rachel in The Duel in which Angela won.[15]

Game history[edit]

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Final
Chronos Chronos Chronos Epoch Chronos Frank
JR none
Protected Lisette Frank Danielle Jesse Jeffry none Frank none
JR Lauren Samm JR Lauren
The Decider JR Lauren Samm JR none Lauren Frank
none none
Rachel Jesse Frank Danielle none Jesse none none none
Angela Wyatt Angela Steve Frank
Frank Safe Protected
Nominated Safe Safe Nominated Co-Decider Protected Winner
JR The Decider
Safe Safe The Decider
Safe Safe Co-Decider Won Quiz Runner Up
Jeffry Safe Safe Safe Safe Protected
Chosen Lost Quiz Eliminated
(Day 42)
Samm Safe Safe The Decider
Safe Safe Nominated Chosen Lost Quiz Eliminated
(Day 42)
Lauren Safe The Decider
Safe Safe Protected The Decider
Not Chosen 4 Eliminated
(Day 36)
Lisette Protected
Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Not Chosen 4 Eliminated
(Day 36)
Jesse Safe Nominated Safe Protected
Safe Nominated Eliminated
(Day 35)
Mercy Not in
Safe Safe Safe Safe Nominated Eliminated
(Day 35)
Steve Not in
Safe Safe Nominated Voted Out 3 Eliminated
(Day 29)
Danielle Safe Safe Protected
Nominated Eliminated
(Day 28)
Angela Nominated Safe Nominated Eliminated
(Day 21)
Wyatt Safe Nominated Eliminated
(Day 14)
Rachel Nominated Eliminated
(Day 7)
Charles Evacuated
(Day 5)
Rewarded none JR Lauren Jesse Lauren Lauren none
Punished Jeffry Jesse Jeffry Jeffry Lisette


  •   Represents Team Chronos
  •   Represents Team Epoch
  • ^Note 3 After losing the challenge Team Epoch had to vote someone off. They voted off Steve.
  • ^Note 4 After winning the challenge, each of the two winners pick another to continue as well, effectively removing the two unpicked players.


NaShantá Fletcher called the show "freakishly addicting."[28]


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