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The Opposition in Malaysia fulfils the same function as the official opposition in other Commonwealth of Nations monarchies. It is seen as the alternative government and the existing administration's main opponent at a general election.

The current Opposition Leader at a Federal level is Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Federal Parliament[edit]

This is the list of current Leaders of Opposition in the Parliament of Malaysia:

House Opposition Leader Political party[a] Term Government Leader Refs
Dewan Negara To be confirmed To be confirmed
Dewan Rakyat Ahmad Zahid Hamidi
(b. 1953)
MP for Bagan Datuk
BN-UMNO 18 July 2018
30 days
Mahathir Mohamad
(b. 1925)
MP for Langkawi
  1. ^ This column names only the opposition leader's party. The opposition bloc he heads may be a complex coalition of several parties and independents; those are not listed here.

State Legislative Assemblies[edit]

The Leader of the Opposition in Malaysian State Politics is a Member of the Legislative Assembly in the Dewan Undangan Negeri (State Legislative Assembly). By convention, the position is held by the leader of the political party not in government that has the most seats in the Assembly. When in state legislative assembly, the Leader of the Opposition sits on the left-hand side of the centre table, in front of the Opposition and opposite the Menteri Besar/Chief Minister. The State Opposition Leader is elected by the minority party of the Assembly according to its rules. A new Opposition Leader may be elected when the incumbent dies, resigns, or is challenged for the leadership.

Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system and is based on the Westminster model. The Opposition is an important component of the Westminster system, with the Opposition directing criticism at the Government's policies and programs, give close attention to all proposed legislation and attempts to defeat and replace the Government. The Opposition is therefore known as the 'government in waiting' and it is a formal part of the parliamentary system.

This is the list of current Leaders of Opposition in the Legislative Assemblies of the Malaysian states:

Current State Opposition Leaders
as of 03 July 2018
State (and Assembly) Opposition Leader Political party[a] Term Government Leader Refs
Johor Johor (14th) Hasni Mohammad
(b. )
MLA for Benut
BN-UMNO 28 June 2018
50 days
Osman Sapian
(b. 1951)
MLA for Kempas
Kedah Kedah (14th) Muhammad Sanusi Md. Nor
(b. )
MLA for Jeneri
PAS 4 July 2018
44 days
Mukhriz Mahathir
(b. 1964)
MLA for Jitra
Kelantan Kelantan (14th) Md Alwi Che Ahmad
(b. )
MLA for Kok Lanas
BN-UMNO 28 June 2018
50 days
Ahmad Yaakob
(b. 1950)
MLA for Pasir Pekan
Malacca Melaka (14th) Idris Haron
(b. 1966)
MLA for Sungai Udang
BN-UMNO 20 July 2018
28 days
Adly Zahari
(b. 1971)
MLA for Bukit Katil
Negeri Sembilan Negeri Sembilan (14th) Mohamad Hasan
(b. 1956)
MLA for Rantau
BN-UMNO 14 July 2018
34 days
Aminuddin Harun
(b. 1967)
MLA for Sikamat
Pahang Pahang (14th) To be confirmed Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail
(b. 1957/1958)
MLA for Jelai
Penang Penang (14th) Muhamad Yusoff Mohd Noor
(b. )
MLA for Sungai Dua
BN-UMNO 2 August 2018
15 days
Chow Kon Yeow
(b. 1957)
MLA for Padang Kota
Perak Perak (14th) Saarani Mohamad
(b. 1962)
MLA for Kota Tampan
BN-UMNO 1 August 2018
16 days
Ahmad Faizal Azumu
(b. 1970)
MLA for Chenderiang
Perlis Perlis (14th) Asrul Nizan Abd Jalil
(b. )
MLA for Sena
PH-PKR 20 June 2018
58 days
Azlan Man
(b. 1958)
MLA for Bintong
Sabah Sabah (15th) Jeffrey Kitingan
(b. 1948)
MLA for Tambunan
STAR 4 July 2018
44 days
Shafie Apdal
(b. 1956)
MLA for Senallang
Sarawak Sarawak (19th) Chong Chieng Jen
(b. 1971)
MLA for Kota Sentosa
PH-DAP 10 June 2013
5 years, 68 days
Abang Abdul Rahman Zohari Abang Openg
(b. 1949)
MLA for Satok
Selangor Selangor (14th) Rizam Ismail
(b. 1980/1981)
MLA for Sungai Air Tawar
BN-UMNO 27 June 2018
51 days
Amirudin Shari
(b. 1980)
MLA for Sungai Tua
Terengganu Terengganu (14th) Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman
(b. 1965)
MLA for Seberang Takir
BN-UMNO 1 July 2018
47 days
Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar
(b. 1970)
MLA for Rhu Rendang
  1. ^ This column names only the opposition leader's party. The opposition bloc he heads may be a complex coalition of several parties and independents; those are not listed here.


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