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Teknikland is a military history and technology museum which is located at the Östersund-Optand airfield southwest of Östersund. It was opened on 5 June 2010.[1] The basis for the museum was the Flyg- och Lotta museum, which opened in 1994.[2] The museum is rub by the Aktiebolag Jämtland Teknikland AB. Shareholders are Jamtli and a number of nonprofit organizations. The museum is funded by Statens Försvarshistoriska museer, The ERDF as well as private donors.[3]

The museum consists of three permanent and a number of temporary exhibitions. One of the permanent exhibitions is called the Garage (Garaget) and conists of antique cars and buses. This building also hosts a workshop for kids based on the educational concept KomTek. The permanent aircraft exhibition Flyg & Lotta museum contains all the jet-aircraft that have previously been deployed by F 4 Frösön. There is also an exhibition dedicated to the so-called Lottorna auxiliary forces, who operated a canteen on the airfield during the 1930s–1940s (when the airfield was a secret military airbase in preparation for a German attack). The third permanent exhibition is the Garrison (Garnisonen), containing weapons, uniforms and other artifacts of Swedish army history, mostly from the former Östersund regiments I5 and A4.

The visitor is able to experience the Carolean Death March; a disastrous retreat by a Swedish Carolean army under the command of lieutenant-general Armfeldt across the Tydal mountain range in Norway around the new year 1718–1719.

On the grounds howitzers, Bofors guns, armoured personal carriers, and fighter planes are displayed.

Annually Teknikland and Mid Sweden University co-organizes the local FIRST LEGO League tournament.

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