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Optare Alero
Optare Alero 1.jpg
Cumfy Bus Optare Alero in Birkenhead in 2007
Body and chassis
Doors1 door
Floor typeLow floor
Capacity22 seated
Length7.2 metres
Height2.5 metres[citation needed]

The Optare Alero is a low-floor integral minibus that was built by Optare between 2001 and 2008. It was built as an alternative to van-derived buses such as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Around 300 were built in the first five years of production. The primary markets for the Alero have been community transport groups and rural demand responsive bus routes.


The Alero has an Iveco engine and a choice of manual or automatic ZF transmission. It typically seats between twelve and sixteen passengers, capacity being partly dependent upon whether space is provided for a wheelchair. The destination display box is optional.


The Alero was relaunched in 2006 as the Alero+. Various changes and component upgrades have been made in an attempt to overcome reliability and durability issues suffered by the original design. In 2008, the Alero was discontinued.

Motorhome Conversions[edit]

The Alero is sometimes chosen as a base vehicle for conversion to a motorhome. The aspects which suit this use are the low floor, powered doors, plenty of space internally, saloon heating pre-installed, lots of glazing already there which is easier (cheaper) to blank out than it is to fit windows to a van - and most significantly it looks great as a motorhome!



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