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The name Optare Bonito has been used to describe two vehicles built at separate times by Optare.

Original Bonito[edit]

The original Optare Bonito was a minicoach built on the Ford Transit chassis.[1] It was the last Optare coach that did not receive a face-lift.[citation needed]

New Bonito[edit]

The second Optare Bonito was announced on 17 January 2012. It was a small bus, according to Optare.[2] It was launched in the UK in June 2012. The new Bonito was based on Fiat Ducato Maxi chassis. The new Bonito was constructed in partnership with Plastisol in the Netherlands.[3]

On 4 September 2014, it was confirmed that Optare had discontinued the Bonito.Some industry commentators have suggested that the model was discontinued after achieving no sales except one, that of the demonstrator vehicle to Australia.

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