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The name Optare Bonito has been used to describe two vehicles built at separate times by Optare.

Original Bonito[edit]

The original Optare Bonito was a minicoach built on the Ford Transit chassis.[1] It was the last Optare coach that did not receive a face-lift.[citation needed]

New Bonito[edit]

The second Optare Bonito was announced on 17 January 2012. It was a small bus, according to Optare.[2] It was launched in the UK in June 2012. The new Bonito was based on Fiat Ducato Maxi chassis. The new Bonito was constructed in partnership with Plastisol in the Netherlands.[3]

On 4 September 2014, it was confirmed that Optare had discontinued the Bonito due to a dispute with manufacturer Plastisol.[4]

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