Optare Delta

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Optare Delta
Southern Transit J205 VHN.JPG
An Optare Delta owned by Southern Transit
Manufacturer Optare
Assembly Leeds, England
Body and chassis
Doors 1, 2 and 3 door models used in ports.
Floor type Step entrance
Chassis DAF SB220 (types SB220LC550, DE02LTSB220, DE02GSSB220)
Engine DAF DKTL 1160 (11.6 litres) Horizontal version
Transmission ZF Automatic
Length 11950mm
Width 2500mm
Height 3000mm
An Optare Delta DP46F body in Blackpool

The Optare Delta was a single-decker bus body produced for the DAF SB220 chassis. They were built in a factory in Leeds, England. They are known for their distinctive sloping front window. A common feature about the bus that it has a distinctive one-piece windscreen with a sloped windowline and a separately mounted destination display.[1]


The Delta was launched in 1988. The first example to be sold to an operator came in February 1989, when independent Northern Bus bought a single vehicle which it later sold to Manchester-based Walls.[2] Other early customers included Crosville Cymru, which took two three months later,[3] and Ogden's Travel, which also acquired two at the same time.[4] Reading Buses bought ten Deltas in 1990,[5] while Northumbria Motor Services, Teesside Motor Services and United Automobile Services also bought large numbers.[6] Potteries Motor Traction was another customer, with its first example arriving in August 1990.[1] Blackpool Transport operated 31 vehicles from 1990 to 2010.

A particular model has 3 doors and raised suspension for transporting foot passengers to and from ferries to terminals.

Production of the Delta ceased in 1999. 324 were built in total.[citation needed]

Optare Delta in culture[edit]

An Optare Delta in all-over red livery is featured as a driveable vehicle in the PlayStation 2 game The Getaway, and its sequel The Getaway: Black Monday.[7]


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