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Optelian Access Networks Corporation
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 2002
Headquarters Ottawa, Ontario
Marietta, Georgia
Key people
David Weymouth (CEO)
Mike Perry (President)
Products Intuitive Packet Optical Networks
Revenue Privately owned and operated
Divisions Versawave
Website www.optelian.com

Founded in 2002, Optelian Access Networks Corporation (Optelian) is a privately owned and operated Intuitive Packet Optical Networking company. Optelian has two headquarters – one in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) and the other in Marietta, Georgia (U.S.). The company has both product development and local manufacturing based in Ottawa. Initially producing passive networking components, Optelian has added active products to their portfolio to provide a broader range of solutions for service providers, wireless applications, utilities, research and education, cloud and data center, or any other enterprise.

In 2012, Deloitte ranked Optelian as #39 on Canadian Fast 50[1] and #302 on North American Fast 500.[2] Optelian has also won the Ottawa Business Journal Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies in Ottawa award for 2011, 2012 and 2013.[3][4][5]


In 2002, Dave Weymouth and Mike Perry founded Optelian after realizing that there was a gap they could fill in the optical transport market. The company began creating passive optical components, and then expanded to active solutions, including packet optical networking, based on customer feedback.

Optelian now designs and develops optical transport network components and solutions for over 200 service providers, utilities, research and development, data center and cloud, and other enterprises in North America and around the world. Optelian has delivered more than 20,000 systems with over 300,000 wavelengths installed.

Versawave - division of Optelian[edit]

In January 2012, Optelian acquired Versawave Technologies Inc., of Vancouver, British Columbia, a leader in the field of ultra-high bandwidth gallium arsenide based optical modulators with patented polarization modulation technology.[6]

North American manufacturing[edit]

Optelian both designs and manufactures optical components in the Ottawa, Ontario location. There are many benefits for doing this, including control over quality and the ability to quickly turn around orders, whether they are custom design components or fulfilling custom orders.

Optelian is TL-9000 certified. Their products have a mean time between failures (MTBF) of over 80 years and a return rate of less than 0.3% (returned units/shipped units).

Products and services[edit]

Optelian’s products are organized into categories that fall within the Optelian FLEX Architecture. Prior to the introduction of the Optelian FLEX Architecture, all of the products were divided into LightGAIN, which largely represented active components, and LightMUX, which mostly covered passive components. However, as the active product portfolio grew a single category was not sufficient to distinguish where the components fit within the operator’s network.

Optelian created the FLEX Architecture with six areas representing intuitive system management (FLEXManager), the OSI model layers 2 (PacketFLEX), 1 (CircuitFLEX), and 0 (LightFLEX), shelves and standalone units (Platforms), and passive components (LightMUX). Operators can choose components from any section of the FLEX Architecture to create a complete network solution to meet their specific needs, whether that is a point-to-point architecture of a full mesh network with multi-degree ROADMs.

  • FLEXManager – Streamline operations with intuitive service-centric management
  • PacketFLEX – Packet service networking and aggregation with tight integration to the optical layer
  • CircuitFLEX – Multi-protocol networking with low latency bandwidth, efficient aggregation, and dynamic interconnect capabilities
  • LightFLEX – A WDM network foundation that maximizes fiber capacity while providing agile wavelength connections across any network footprint
  • Platforms – Modular configuration capabilities for Ethernet and wavelength service delivery and WDM network infrastructure
  • LightMUX – Passive elements to address terminal and add/drop requirements for the full CWDM and DWDM wavelength plans

Optelian leadership[edit]


  • David Weymouth – Chief Executive Office and Co-founder
  • Mike Perry – Strategic Advisor and Co-founder
  • Dr. Sheldon Walklin – Chief Technology Officer
  • Dave Mills – Vice President of Sales and Services
  • Brenda Snarr – Vice President of Finance
  • Dennis Isotti – Vice President of Operations

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