Option consommateurs

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Option consommateurs
Option consommateurs Logo.jpg
Formation 1983[1]
Type Consumer organization
Legal status Active
Purpose Consumer advocacy
Headquarters Montréal, Quebec, Canada[2]
Region served
Official language
English, French
Éliane Hamel[3]
Website www.option-consommateurs.org/en/

Option consommateurs is a non-profit consumer organization dedicated to promoting and defending the interests of Canadian consumers.[4]

The organization was founded in 1983 and is based in Montréal. Its focus areas are energy, agri-food, financial services, privacy, and commercial practices.[1]

Through the Éconologis program, an energy efficiency program for low-income households run by the Quebec government's Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources,[5] Option consommateurs has offered free visits to low-income households in Montréal, wherein consumers are given personalized advice to improve their energy consumption, as well as new electronic thermostats.[6]


To achieve its mission, Option consommateurs pursues four objectives:

  • Promoting a respectful vision of socioeconomic rights and interests of consumers;
  • Empowering consumers and promoting their independence by helping, informing and representing their interests to decision makers;
  • Helping to balance the power between companies and consumers, and;
  • Promoting equitable legal and contractual rules with regard to consumers and businesses, ensureing their implementation and their respect.[1]


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