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Optix Pro is a configurable remote access tool or Trojan, similar to SubSeven or BO2K

Optix Pro is far more sophisticated and lethal than its predecessors. It had the ability to kill most of the firewall and anti-virus products which existed during its time.

This installation is customizable and therefore implementations vary. For example, the executable name, icon, location, startup options, and the listening port can be specified.

Optix Pro may also be configured to display a fake error message when it is initially run, and can be configured to notify someone when it installs, using ICQ, HTTP, MSN Messenger, IRC or SMTP.

In June 2004, it became apparent that Optix Pro had a 38-character master password (kjui3498fjk34289890fwe334gfew4ger$"sdf).[1]

Development of Optix ended when its creator, Evil Eye Software, ceased operations on April 14, 2005.


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