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The Or Yarok Association for Safer Driving in Israel, known simply as Or Yarok (Hebrew: אור ירוק‎, “Green light”)), is a not-for-profit traffic safety lobbyist organization dedicated to reducing road accidents in Israel through education, enforcement and improvement of infrastructure.[1]

Established by road-safety activist Avi Naor, Or Yarok made headlines in late-2010 with their radio and billboard campaign which denounced Israeli Transportation Minister Israel Katz for increasing rates of traffic fatalities in Israel.[2]


Operating with over 5,000 national volunteers, Or Yarok conducts a series of programs intended to improve Israeli driving culture and traffic-law enforcement.[2]

Besides general community-outreach activities, Or Yarok maintains a research division that studies and reports on the state of traffic safety in Israel. One of the more notable reports released by Or Yarok was a scathing critique on local governments after Israel was found to have the highest traffic fatality rate in the modern world for children aged 14 and under.[3]

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