Orașul de Floci

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Oraşul de Floci, also Cetatea de Floci or Târgul de Floci is a lost city of Wallachia, now in Romania.

The city was located at the confluence of Ialomiţa River and the Danube, on the old riverbed of the Ialomiţa. The name meant "The Fleece City" in Romanian, as it was an important market town. The city is first mentioned in 1431 during the rule of Dan II of Wallachia, but probably existed as trading post in the previous century.

It was set on fire by Stephen III of Moldavia during the wars with Wallachia under the rule of Radu The Beautiful (who was an ally of the Ottoman Empire). The city recovered quickly, but it was once again destroyed by the Polish and Tatar troops of Simion Movilă.

Michael the Brave, the famous Prince of Wallachia, was presumably born in this city

The city finally decayed due to the Russo-Turkish War, 1768-1774, when most inhabitants fled due to the fighting. In the place of the city was formed the village Piua-Petrii, which was destroyed, in turn, during the floods of early 20th century. Currently, the ruins of the city are located in the territory of the Giurgeni commune.


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