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Oracle Developer Suite is a suite of development tools released by the Oracle Corporation. The principal components were initially Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports, although the suite was later expanded to include JDeveloper amongst others.


In the early 1990s, Oracle had two complementary, but quite different tools - SQL*Forms and SQL*ReportWriter. Both were character-based and there was some integration between the two although they were sold as separate products. The developer interface became more similar over time and they were eventually grouped together as Oracle IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

The suite was renamed to Oracle Developer and then to Oracle Developer/2000.

As with most products that had 2000 in their name, this was dropped after 1999 and the suite was renamed Oracle Developer Suite. Tools such as JDeveloper and Oracle Designer were added over subsequent years.

Most of the component parts of Oracle Developer Suite are now part of what Oracle calls Oracle Fusion Middleware.


The name of the suite has been changed a few times. The software components that are included in the suite have also changed over time.

Suite Name Version Components Date
Oracle IDE Forms, Reports, Book, Graphics
Oracle Developer Forms, Reports, Book, Graphics
Oracle Developer 2000(D2K) Forms, Reports, Book, Graphics
Oracle Developer Suite Forms, Reports, Designer, JDeveloper

Current status[edit]

The latest release, Oracle Developer Suite 10g consists of the following components:

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