Oracle iPlanet Web Server

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Oracle iPlanet Web Server
Developer(s) Oracle Corporation
Stable release
7.0.23 / February 2016; 8 months ago (2016-02)[1]
Written in C
Operating system Cross-platform
Type web server / application server
License OTN Developer License

Oracle iPlanet Web Server (OiWS) is a web server designed for medium and large business applications. Oracle iPlanet Web Server builds on the earlier Sun Java System Web Server, Sun ONE Web Server, iPlanet Web Server, and Netscape Enterprise Server products.

Oracle iPlanet Web Server is available on Solaris, Windows, HP-UX, AIX, GNU/Linux, supports JSP and Java Servlet technologies, PHP, NSAPI, CGI, and ColdFusion.

In January 2009, Sun open sourced core components of Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 under the BSD license as Open Web Server. The open source version was kept in sync with commercial releases until January 2010 (7.0 update 8). Since Oracle's acquisition of Sun, there have been no further open source releases.

In 2010, Oracle renamed the product from Sun Java System Web Server to Oracle iPlanet Web Server,[2] although documentation and links are still in the process of being updated to reflect this.

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