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Oramir Semiconductor Equipment Ltd. is an Israeli company that develops advanced laser cleaning technologies for semiconductor wafers, used during their manufacturing process. Oramir is located in Rehovot, Israel.


Oramir was founded in 1992 by Fairchild Corporation, Teuza Venture Capital Fund and Rafael Development Corporation of Israel.[1][2] Oramir was named after Amir Sinai who was killed in service as an IDF special unit NCO in July 1984, during the war in Lebanon. Dan Sinai, Amir's father, was one of Oramir's founders.

Oramir’s notability derives from developing the advanced technology for cleaning silicon wafers in a one step dry process.[3] Particles and other contaminants can be removed from a silicon substrate by a patented laser based technology. Applied Materials Inc. (NASDAQ: AMAT), a maker of stuff for inspection in the industry of semiconductor manufacturing, acquired Oramir for $21 million on June 27, 2001.[4] Applied Materials Process Diagnostics and Control (PDC) Business group integrated Oramir into the business. Applied’s defect control inspection system process, which provides defect control solutions for chip manufacturing, is complemented by this integration.

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