Moto Coaster (Darien Lake)

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OCC Motocoaster.jpg
Darien Lake
Coordinates 42°55′49″N 78°23′00″W / 42.930384°N 78.383450°W / 42.930384; -78.383450Coordinates: 42°55′49″N 78°23′00″W / 42.930384°N 78.383450°W / 42.930384; -78.383450
Status Operating
Opening date May 2008
Cost $3.4million
General statistics
Type Steel – Launched – Motorbike
Manufacturer Zamperla
Designer Werner Stengel
Model Motocoaster
Track layout Stacked Figure-8
Lift/launch system Flywheel Launch
Height 44 ft (13 m)
Length 1,198 ft (365 m)
Speed 38 mph (61 km/h)
Inversions 0
Capacity 250 riders per hour
Acceleration 0 - 38 mph
Height restriction 48 in (122 cm)
Trains 6 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in a single row for a total of 12 riders per train.
MotoCoaster at RCDB
Pictures of MotoCoaster at RCDB

The MotoCoaster is a Zamperla MotoCoaster installed at Darien Lake. It is Darien Lake's first launch coaster, and it is Zamperla's first motorbike roller coaster to be installed in the United States,[1][2] though the Pony Express, a similar type of coaster with horse themed trains, was constructed around the same time and is currently operating at Knott's Berry Farm.[3]

Darien Lake partnered with Orange County Choppers for naming rights for the coaster, along with a promotional giveaway of a custom painted OCC motorcycle, and a custom built bike to remain at the park.[4]

The coaster installed at Darien Lake is actually the prototype coaster that was used for tuning and testing at Zamperla's factory in Italy.[1][3]

The coaster was originally named the Orange County Choppers Motocoaster (OCC Motocoaster) when it first opened in 2008. However, the name was changed to the Moto Coaster in 2010 after the naming rights with Orange County Choppers expired.


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