Orange Free State Province

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Province of the Orange Free State
Provinsie van die Oranje-Vrystaat
Coat of Arms of the Orange Free State.svg
Map of the provinces of South Africa 1976-1994 with the OFS highlighted.svg
 • 1991 2,193,062[1]
 • Origin Orange River Colony
 • Created 31 May 1910
 • Abolished 27 April 1994
 • Succeeded by Free State
Status Province of South Africa
Government Orange Free State Provincial Council
 • HQ Bloemfontein

The Province of the Orange Free State (Afrikaans: Provinsie van die Oranje-Vrystaat), commonly referred to as the Orange Free State Province (Afrikaans: Oranje-Vrystaat Provinsie) was one of the four provinces of South Africa from 1910–1994. After 27 April 1994 it was dissolved following the first multiracial election in South Africa.

Its predecessor was the Orange River Colony.

Its (outside) borders were exactly the same as those of the modern Free State Province; except for the bantustans ("homelands") of QwaQwa and one part of Bophuthatswana, which were contained on land inside of the provincial Orange Free State borders.

Districts in 1991[edit]

Districts of the province and population at the 1991 census.[1]

Administrators of the Orange Free State Province (1910–1994)[edit]

Term Incumbent Notes
May 1910 to May 1915 Alfred Ernest William Ramsbottom
15 September 1914 to 20 October 1914 Christiaan Rudolf de Wet In rebellion
May 1915 to 2 March 1924 Cornelius Hermanus Wessels From 4 March 1920, Sir Cornelius Hermanus Wessels
11 March 1924 to March 1929 Esaias Reinier Grobler
March 1929 to 11 November 1936 Carl Theodorus Muller Wilcocks
November 1936 to December 1936 Johannes Buys Acting
December 1936 to December 1940 Johannes Frederik Janse van Rensburg
December 1940 to December 1950 Stephanus Philippus Barnard
1 January 1951 to December 1959 Jacobus "Jim" Johannes Fouché
December 1959 to December 1969 Johannes Willem Jacobus Coetzee du Plessis
December 1969 to 13 December 1974 Gabriel François van Lingen Froneman
14 December 1974 to 1979 Abraham Cornelis van Wyk
1979 to 1980 Cornelius "Nak" van der Merwe
November 1980 to August 1991 Louis Johannes Botha
August 1991 to 7 May 1994 Louis van der Watt

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