Orange Movement

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Orange Movement
Movimento Arancione
Leaders Luigi de Magistris,
Antonio Ingroia
Founded December 2012
Newspaper none
Ideology Democratic socialism[citation needed]
Political position Left-wing[citation needed]
National affiliation Civil RevolutionItaly of Values
European affiliation none
International affiliation none
European Parliament group currently no MEPs
Colours Orange
Chamber of Deputies
0 / 630
0 / 315
European Parliament
0 / 73

The Orange Movement (Movimento Arancione, MA) is a left-wing political party in Italy.

It was launched on 12 December 2012 by Luigi de Magistris, mayor of Naples and until then member of Italy of Values (IdV). The founding convention of the party was attended by Antonio Ingroia (by telephone) and the leaders of the Communist Refoundation Party, the Party of Italian Communists and the Federation of the Greens.[1]


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