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Orange SPV Classic with wear and tear

The original Orange SPV Smartphone was built by High Tech Computer Corporation for the European mobile operator, Orange. Powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 2002, and launched late 2001, SPV stood for Sound, Pictures, Video, with the emphasis being on the devices multimedia capabilities and potential.

It came with a Texas Instruments OMAP710 processor which clocked in at a speed of 132 MHz. An internal memory of 16 MB RAM and 32 MB of Flash ROM was complemented with the addition of a Secure Digital storage card.

It was most notable as being the first Windows powered smartphone to be released and was greeted with much anticipation. The phone carried mini versions of such desktop applications as Outlook, Media Player and Internet Explorer alongside advanced calendar, task and contact management facilities.

As a result, it had as one of its most important target markets the largely overlooked business user segment.

Another of the main selling points of the phone at the time was the display, which had a reflective TFT screen producing 65,000 colours at 176 x 220 pixels resolution. The one drawback to all this in models before the E200 was the lack of a built in camera, something that was becoming increasingly common and popular on much less capable phones.

With a length of 11 cm, width 4.5 cm and a depth of 2 cm, it weighed just 95 g.

More HTC-built Orange SPV phones have continued to be regularly released with the latest offering being the SPV E650/HTC Vox.

Orange SPV Release History and Specifications[edit]

Orange Model HTC Model OS Released CPU Speed-MHz RAM-Mb Flash ROM-Mb Screen
SPV Classic Canary SP2002 Nov 2002 TI OMAP 710 132 16 32 176 X 220
SPV E100 Tanager SP2002 --- TI OMAP 710 132 16 32 176 X 220
SPV E200 Voyager SP2003 --- TI OMAP 710 132 32 64 176 X 220
SPV C500 Typhoon SP2003SE --- TI OMAP 730 200 32 64 176 X 220
SPV C550 Hurricane SP2003SE --- TI OMAP 750 200 64 64 240 X 320
SPV C600 Faraday Windows Mobile 5.0 Dec 2005 TI OMAP 850 200 64 64 240 X 320
SPV C700 Meteor Windows Mobile 5.0 Cancelled Samsung 2442 300 64 128 240 X 320
SPV E650 Vox Windows Mobile 6 Standard Mar 2007 TI OMAP 850 200 64 128 240 X 320

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