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Orange Smoothie Productions (OSP) is a PC game mod team which started programming modifications in February 1998 at the University of Kansas by releasing a mod called King of the Hill (unrelated to the cartoon TV series) for Quake II. Although first created for Quake II, OSP is probably best known for modding games based on id Tech 3. An early OSP About page indicated the potential for modding Unreal Tournament and Tribes games, but OSP never released a mod for either game publicly. The Orange Smoothie mod became the de facto standard in many gaming circles, and is still installed on many servers.

Mainly meant for tournament play,[1] the mod provided more interface options and modifications than normal Quake II. The player could effectively change anything in the interface to their liking. There are also added parts to the multiplayer that many consider make it easier than standard Quake for tournament play.[citation needed] Such improvements include only allowing players to start a match after each had declared their readiness, additional statistics such as weapon accuracies on the score window, voting for a map or to kick someone, timeout calls, and much more.


Part of the reason for the mod's widespread success is that in most cases it did not change the core gameplay of the host game, but extended it with admin and referee functionality, as well as other visual and administrative details that improved the game experience for both server administrators and players. These changes also made it much easier (and in some cases possible) to host competitive events for the game, particularly over the internet.[2] For some games, there were also additional variations on gameplay provided such as with Soldier of Fortune 2, adding the OSP++ and SoF2++ game modes as well as the VIP game type.

The OSP team worked on several other mods for Quake II that made it to varying levels of completeness. These include APC (canceled), Mutilator (canceled), Rocket Olympics and a Quake II ngLog mod.

In late 2004, derean announced his intention to develop a mod for Doom 3,[3] however a month later decided to cease development. The EMZ team took the Doom 3 OSP alpha code and used its concepts as the basis for a new mod, while managing to keep a similar feel to OSP's mods.

Games supported by OSP[edit]

Development of Soldier of Fortune 2 mod[edit]

On July 13, 2006, after almost a year-long hiatus, Gary "Monk" Stanley released version 1.1 of the OSP mod for SoF2 on his personal webserver[dead link].

This version includes a substantial list of changes, including AntiCheat and other engine exploit fixes[dead link] for the mod. As of early September 2006, version 1.1 has not been well received by the user base. This is most likely due to the lack of awareness caused by the aforementioned abandonment of the server. However, the mod still enjoys the surviving attention of many veteran and new players, due to its inclusion in basic

OSP developers[edit]

  • Jason "Rhea" Keimig
  • Sander "Dessignator" Brandenburg
  • Christian "SHoD" Farcy
  • Tim "Gouki" Pearson
  • Greg "Phred" Price
  • "myrddin"
  • Craig "BotanikA" Sparks
  • Brian "stIen" Sparks
  • Scott "Spudman" Woodward
  • Brandon "Green Marine" Reinhart
  • Gary "Monk" Stanley
  • Mathieu "derean" Rouleau

Official website history[edit]

Around late 2005, began returning a "403 Forbidden" error, after the hosting service ( found uploaded viruses/spyware in the user forums. During the summer of 2006, both and were used as a gateway for PNE Services, an unrelated company who also uses the URL as a similar gateway. Shortly after the redirect to PNE was uploaded, both Orange Smoothie websites were modified to state only "," but their whois info still points to the nameserver, and lists the owner as Overland Audio with a email address. It may be of interest to note that Overland Audio is located in Shawnee Mission, KS which is about 35 miles from the original home of OSP, the University of Kansas - Lawrence Campus.

The website was updated and brought back online on April 14, 2007


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