Orange-spotted catshark

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Orange-spotted catshark
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Chondrichthyes
Subclass: Elasmobranchii
Order: Carcharhiniformes
Family: Scyliorhinidae
Genus: Asymbolus
Species: A. rubiginosus
Binomial name
Asymbolus rubiginosus
Last, M. F. Gomon & Gledhill, 1999
Asymbolus rubiginosus distmap.png

The orange-spotted catshark, or rusty catshark (Asymbolus rubiginosus), is a species of catshark, and part of the family Scyliorhinidae. It is found only off the coast of Western Australia, at depths between 25 and 540 m (82 and 1,772 ft). Its length is up to 39 cm (15 in).[1]


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