Orangemouth lizardfish

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Orangemouth lizardfish
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Aulopiformes
Family: Synodontidae
Genus: Saurida
Species: S. flamma
Binomial name
Saurida flamma
Maples, 1982

The orangemouth lizardfish (Saurida flamma) is a species of lizardfish that lives mainly in the Eastern Central Pacific.


Saurida flamma is found in marine environments within a reef-associated area.[1] They are found in a benthic depth range of 5–30 meters within a tropical climate. This species is considered not to be a migratory species. The maximum recorded length of S. flamma as an unsexed male is about 30.5 centimeters or about 12 inches. The diet of the Saurida falmma includes small fishes.[2] This species is native to the areas of Eastern Central Pacific, Hawaii, or Polynesia.[3] They are recorded to be bottom-dwellers that have large appetites.[4] This species serves as no threat or harm to humans.[5] This species is not available or recommended to keep in an aquarium or through the use of commerce.[6]

Common names[edit]

The common names from different languages of S. flamma include the following:

  • Hawaiian : 'Ulae
  • English : Orangemouth lizardfish, orangemouth saury, redmouth lizardfish
  • Mandarin Chinese : 焰蛇鲻 [7]


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