Orango Islands National Park

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Orango National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Area 1582 km² (terrestrial)
94,235.00 km² (marine)
Created 1 December 2000

The Orango Islands National Park (Portuguese: Ilhas de Orango) is found in Guinea-Bissau. It was established on 1 December 2000. This site is 1582 km² (terrestrial)and 94,235.00 km² (marine).[1] The area covers the southern part including Orango and Orangozinho along with the western islands and the marine portion up to around 150 to 200 km within the Bijagos Archipelago (much of its Bijagos portion of the continental shelf) up to the areas mainly 2,000 meters deep outside the continental shelf. The park is administered by : Instituto da Biodiversidade e das Áreas Protegidas da Guiné-Bissau (Biodiversity Institute and Protected Areas of Guinea-Bissau).


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Coordinates: 11°07′N 16°03′W / 11.12°N 16.05°W / 11.12; -16.05