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Map of the sectors of the Bolama Region, Guinea-Bissau.png
Orangozinho in the Uno Sector
Location Atlantic Ocean
Archipelago Bijagós Archipelago
Area 107 km2 (41 sq mi)
Length 19 km (11.8 mi)
Width 11.8 km (7.33 mi)
Region Bolama
getting supplies from uite village

Orangozinho (Portuguese meaning Little Orango) is an island in the Bissagos Islands, Guinea-Bissau, it is part of the Bolama Region and the Bubaque sector. Its area is 107 km², its length is 19 km and its width is 11.8 km. The island forms a part of the Orango Islands National Park.[1]

Neighbouring islands and islets includes Bubaque to the north, Roxa or Canhabaque to the northeast, Cavalos to the east, Meneque to the west and Canogo to the northwest, the two latter islands are separated by a channel which its narrowest is 400 m distant and the widest is 2 km. The sector boundary with Bubaque and Uno are to the west and Canogo is in the Uno Sector.


Located inside Orango Islands National Park, its hotel is the Orango Parque Hotel, recently built. The only hotel on the island and the park area.



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Coordinates: 11°07′11″N 15°55′54″W / 11.11979°N 15.93155°W / 11.11979; -15.93155