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County Galway

Oranmore Castle is a castle in Oranmore, County Galway, in Ireland.


Oranmore Castle was most likely built some time around the 15th century, possibly on top of an older castle.[1] The Clanricardes, a notable family from Galway, used it as a stronghold. In March 1642 the town, Oranmore, joined Confederate Ireland in a rebellion, against which the owners of the castle, the Marquess and the fifth Earl Clanricarde, held out.[1] Clanricarde supplied the Fort of Galway from the sea until 1643, when, without the Marquess’s sanction, Captain Willoughby Governor of Galway surrendered.[1][2]

While ownership was temporarily lost, the 6th Earl regained possession, and in 1666 leased the castle to Walter Athy, whose descendants kept control of Oranmore until 1853.[1] It was then abandoned and left to the elements.[3]

The castle was reroofed after Anita Leslie purchased it in 1947 for £200, as it had fallen into disrepair.[4][5]


The castle, a rectangular towerhouse, has four stories, a square staircase turret, and gunloops on the bottom floor. [6]


Oranmore Castle was featured in the 23 March 2001 episode of The Scariest Places on Earth.[3] It was also used for the shooting of Alfred the Great.[7] It also served as a film location for the Jack Taylor (TV Series) film The Pikeman.

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