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Orazio Bassani "Orazio della Viola" (Cento, Ferrara before 1570 - Parma 1615) was an Italian viola-da-gambist. He was celebrated for his instrumental embellishments of madrigals, a few of which survive in manuscript sources.[1] He was a colleague of Fabrizio Dentice[2] and uncle of Francesco Maria Bassani.[3]


  1. ^ The Early History of the Viol - Page 178 Ian Woodfield - 1988 "... players flourished around the turn of the century, of whom the best known was Orazio Bassani (Orazio della Viola). A few of his celebrated embellishments of madrigals have survived in manuscript sources; British Library Add. ms. ..."
  2. ^ Early Music History: Volume 18: Studies in Medieval and Early ... - Page 268 Iain Fenlon - 2001 "... in addition to his musical employees, he hired Fabrizio Dentice, Orazio Bassani and several violinists ('violini') from Parma, as well as a number of Venetian musicians and cornettists; there was music for banquets..."
  3. ^ Journal of the Viola da Gamba Society of America: Volume 36 Viola da Gamba Society of America - 1999 "Francesco Maria Bassani's notebook of counterpoint exercises Lezioni di contrapunton includes eight pieces "per viola bastarda"; three are attributed to Orazio Bassani (his uncle), and one to Vicenzo Bonizzi."