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Orb may refer to:


  • Orb (river), empties into the Golfe du Lion in southern France
  • Bad Orb, a town in Hessen state, Germany

Culture, entertainment and media[edit]

Art and royal regalia[edit]

  • Globus cruciger, a hand-sized sphere over which the Christian cross is set, held by a monarch or by Christ in art
    • Sovereign's Orb, one of the best known Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom

Published media[edit]


  • The Orb, a British electronic music group
  • O.R.B. (band) - Irish band, formerly known as The Original Rude Boys
  • Orbs (band), a rock band featuring members of Between the Buried and Me and Fear Before the March of Flames
  • Orb (album), a 2007 album by Alastair Galbraith
  • The Oak Ridge Boys, a country music group

Computer games[edit]



Celestial matters[edit]

  • Orb (astrology), the difference between the exactness of an astrological aspect
  • Celestial orb, a central concept in ancient and early-modern astronomy



ORBS may refer to:

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