Orbit Publications

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Orbit Publications
Westerner 39.jpg
Status Defunct (1955)
Founded 1945
Founder Ray Hermann and Marjorie May
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location 1819 Broadway, New York City
Publication types Comic books
Fiction genres romance, crime, Western, humor
Imprints Our Publishing Co.
Patches Publications, Inc.
Taffy Publications, Inc.
Toytown Publications, Inc.
Wanted Comic Group

Orbit Publications, also known as Orbit-Wanted, was a comic book publishing house operated by Ray Hermann during the Golden Age of Comic Books. The company's longest-running titles were Wanted Comics (crime), The Westerner (a Western title featuring Wild Bill Pecos) and Love Diary (romance); contributing artists included John Buscema, Syd Shores, Bernard Krigstein and Mort Leav.

Orbit was a founding member of the Association of Comics Magazine Publishers.

Titles published[edit]

  • Love Diary (48 issues, July 1949 - September-October 1955) — romance
  • Love Journal (16 issues, October 1951 - July 1954) – romance
  • Patches (10 issues, [July] 1945 - December 1947) — Western title continued from Rural Home Publications title
  • Taffy Comics (10 issues, 1946 - February 1948) — funny animal title continued from Rural Home
  • Toytown Comics (5 issues, Aug. 1946–May 1947) — humor title continued from B. Antin series
  • Wanted Comics (45 issues, September-October 1947 - April 1953) — crime comic; numbering continued from Toytown
  • The Westerner Comics (28 issues, June 1948 - December 1951) — Western title