Orbital Period (album)

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Orbital Period
Orbital Period (Bump of Chicken album - cover art).jpg
Studio album by Bump of Chicken
Released December 19, 2007
Recorded 2005–2007
Length 70:59 (without hidden track)
Label Toy's Factory
Bump of Chicken chronology
Orbital Period
Present from You
(2008)Present from You2008
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4/5 stars[2]

Orbital Period is the fifth studio album by Bump of Chicken, released on December 19, 2007. The album features the singles "Planetarium", "Supernova/Karma", "Namida no Furusato", "Hana no Na", and "Mayday". Orbital period became the best-selling album two days in a row at debut, according to Oricon Style. It was the second best-selling album on its debut week.[3]

Track listing[edit]

Orbital Period[4][5]
No. Title Length
1. "Voyager" 1:18
2. "Hoshi no Tori" (星の鳥, Star Bird) 0:55
3. "Mayday" (メーデー, album version) 5:34
4. "Sainoujin Ouenka" (才悩人応援歌; Fans' song for those worried about talent) 4:18
5. "Planetarium" (プラネタリウム) 5:32
6. "Supernova" 6:09
7. "Hammer Song to Itami no Tou" (ハンマーソングと痛みの塔, Hammer Song and the Tower of Pain) 4:20
8. "Jikuu Kakurenbo" (時空かくれんぼ, Spacetime Hide-and-Seek) 5:11
9. "Kasabutabutabu" (かさぶたぶたぶ, Scabcabcab) 3:58
10. "Hana no Na" (花の名, Name of the Flower) 6:02
11. "Hitorigoto" (ひとりごと, Soliloquy) 4:16
12. "Amedama no Uta" (飴玉の唄, The Candy Song) 5:57
13. "Hoshi no Tori reprise" (星の鳥 reprise, Star Bird Reprise) 0:39
14. "Karma" (カルマ) 3:29
15. "Arrows" 6:21
16. "Namida no Furusato" (涙のふるさと, Homeland of Tears) 5:03
17. "Flyby" 1:55
18. "Believe" (Hidden track) 4:51
Total length: 1:15:50



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