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Orc Software
Traded as OMXORC
Industry Financial Services
Genre Software
Founded 1987
Founder Nils Nilsson and Ulrika Hagdahl
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
Area served
Revenue SEK 690.3m
Number of employees
Website http://www.orcsoftware.com

Formed in 1987 by the late Nils Nilsson[1] and Ulrika Hagdahl, Orc Software's main activity was as a market maker on the Swedish derivatives exchange.

Orc Software also develops and markets software for pricing, trading and risk management in financial markets. Up to and including 1995, sales of the Orc Technology were focused on clients in the Nordic region. 1995 saw the first sales to customers in the UK and Switzerland, and in 1996 the first products were sold to customers in Italy, Hong Kong and Germany.

In January 1997, the Orc Technology was first sold to new customers in Australia and Japan. The same year OMX acquired just over 50 percent of the shares in Orc Software. In 1998 and 1999, Orc Software's international expansion continued with sales to customers in the Netherlands and the US.

In 2000, subsidiaries in Frankfurt, London, Milan, Moscow, New York and Sydney were formed. Orc Software's shares were listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange on October 19, 2000. In 2001, Orc Software opened offices in Hong Kong, St. Petersburg and Zurich. In 2002, a distribution agreement was signed with Reuters and offices were opened in Tokyo, Toronto and Vienna. In 2003, an office was opened in Chicago.

During the autumn 2005 Orc Software signed an agreement with OMX regarding the development of a new front office product. At the end of 2005 Orc Software has customers in 24 countries and offices in 13 countries.

In February 2006 Orc Software acquired Australian Cameron Systems, a supplier of FIX platforms.

In April 2008, Orc Software reported record earnings despite the extremely turbulent market circumstances.[citation needed]


Orc Software produces several trading and connectivity products including their flagship Orc Trader and Liquidator. The Liquidator front-end is claimed to allow traders and developers to construct highly complex strategies using Java, thereby enabling integration with a vast array of proprietary systems, analytical libraries, databases, middleware and messaging systems.

Orc's algorithmic trading solution is used by investment banks, trading firms and hedge funds to create execution scenarios for capturing market opportunities and performing custom trading strategies simultaneously. The Orc Algorithmic Trading solution is delivered with native connectivity to 100+ markets.

In addition, Orc Software provides several Market Marking and Liquidity Access solutions.


Orc Software's service and support team consists of technical experts, typically with advanced degrees in IT and Finance[citation needed], spread around the globe. They provide consultancy on a range of issues, from analysing business requirements to performance troubleshooting.


Orc Software is currently deployed at 600+ customer sites worldwide.


Orc Software has offices in Stockholm, Milano, New York, Chicago, London, Sydney, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, Hong Kong, and São Paulo.

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